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How can we help you succeed?

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  Whether you are an industry leader or a startup, if you are a technology*-based company our experience and expertise may help.

*See the Expertise section for areas of greatest experience (photonics, imaging systems, mathematical modeling of physical systems, multi-disciplinary development projects).

Solutions include:

Market Analysis, Strategy & Business Planning
bulletMarket analysis (including IRAP Market Assessments) and forecasting.
bulletCompetitive analysis.
bulletStrategy development.
bulletProduct and Technology Roadmaps
bulletBusiness planning and modeling.

Technical Consultation & Troubleshooting
  • Strengthen your team with extra help, when you need it.
    bulletTechnical consultation (see Expertise), feasibility studies & pilot projects, system performance modeling.
    bulletTroubleshooting complex problems.
  • Part-Time or Interim Management

    Many early stage companies, or established companies looking at new opportunities, need to strengthen their management team and prefer adding part-time management team members to keep the company lean. 

    We understand and deliver competitive advantage.  Full client confidentiality is provided to protect your intellectual property and competitive advantage.

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